All tracks written, recorded, produced and mastered by Steven Sweeney.

Superior Sin 2011
1. STRONGER Lyrics | Listen
2. BACK STABBER Lyrics | Listen
3. MY POWER Lyrics | Listen
4. I'M THE ONE THAT'S DEAD Lyrics | Listen
5. KILLING MYSELF Lyrics | Listen
6. MAN DOWN Lyrics | Listen
7. HATE THIS EVOLUTION Lyrics | Listen
8. SOME PEOPLE Lyrics | Listen
9. EASY Lyrics | Listen
10. YOU'RE CRAZY Lyrics | Listen
11. SOMETIMES Lyrics | Listen
12. THE BOTTLE Lyrics | Listen
13. CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT Lyrics | Listen
'Superior Sin' is the fifth album from The Sween in 2011. The most refined album to date.

The Sween has brought all the past influences together, enhanced the original sween sounds from past albums, and worked hard to created a unique sound that can not be heard anywhere else.

Evil Design 2009
1. BEYOND THE GRAVE Lyrics | Listen
2. AMONGST WOLVES Lyrics | Listen
3. CITY OF DEATH Lyrics | Listen
4. TIE 'EM UP PRETTY Lyrics | Listen
5. BY THE WAY Lyrics | Listen
6. HOPE RELENTLESS Lyrics | Listen
7. PREDETERMINED Lyrics | Listen
8. SUICIDE NOTE Lyrics | Listen
9. KILL THE INNOCENT Lyrics | Listen
10. WHAT YOU DO Lyrics | Listen
'Evil Design' is the fourth album from The Sween in 2009. The most experimental yet simple album to date.

This contains some dark tales and plays with the psychotic side of life.

Dead Silence 2007
2. IT'S OUT THERE Lyrics | Listen
3. INNOCENCE OF HATE Lyrics | Listen
4. ETERNAL UNFEELING Lyrics | Listen
5. A PLACE FOR DEMONS Lyrics | Listen
6. ANOTHER WASTED LIFE Lyrics | Listen
7. BREAKING ME DOWN Lyrics | Listen
8. FROM BENEATH Lyrics | Listen
9. LIES Lyrics | Listen
10. LIFELESS Lyrics | Listen
11. DECAPITATED Lyrics | Listen
13. REACHING OUT (v.2) Lyrics | Listen
'Dead Silence' is the third album from The Sween in 2007. It see's artists from Dmusic joining the party and yet again pushing the boundries of heavy music. The sound quality is far better than the last two albums, creating a more enjoyable listen. Alot of effort has gone into producing this album.

Guest guitar appearances
bill rhynes - 'Decapitated'
victors skull - 'Lies', 'From Beneath', 'Breaking me Down'
Tim Sanders - 'Blood looks Blue in Black and White','Another Wasted Life'
milsov - 'Innocence of Hate'

Guest bass guitar apperance
Zique - 'Lies', 'From Beneath'

A Weak Minded Fool 2005
1. DOWN IN FLAMES Lyrics | Listen
2. DEVILS OWN Lyrics | Listen
3. HARD TIMES Lyrics | Listen
4. I CLOSE MY EYES Lyrics | Listen
5. A WEAK MINDED FOOL Lyrics | Listen
6. NOT ALONE Lyrics | Listen
7. BLEEDING Lyrics | Listen
8. UNDECIDED Lyrics | Listen
9. PUSHES PAIN DEEP Lyrics | Listen
10. SMOKING GUN Lyrics | Listen
11. WAY DOWN Lyrics | Listen
12. MAYBE Lyrics | Listen
[BONUS] - BREATH OF LIFE Lyrics | Listen
'A Weak Minded Fool' was the second album from The Sween in 2004/2005 and recieved great feedback. The track 'Devils Own' was awarded second place in the Dmusic best Metal Track of 2004 and the album continues to receive praise. The difference in production is remarkable and the music being produced is astounding. The love and attention given to the tracks individually is remarkably apparent and improves with each track.

Guest guitar appearance by Blues artist 'Traf' (Roger Betts) in 'Maybe'.

All tracks written, recorded, produced and mastered by Steven Sweeney except Breath of Life which was originally written by 'Erasure'.

Subsist In Ebony 2003
1. INTRO Listen
2. RUNNING SCARED Lyrics | Listen
4. INSIDE ME IS LIVING Lyrics | Listen
5. CONNECTED Lyrics | Listen
6. I'M BLEEDING Lyrics | Listen
7. CHANGES Lyrics | Listen
8. LOST DEVILS Lyrics | Listen
9. NEVER KNEW Lyrics | Listen
10. BE A STAR Lyrics | Listen
11. LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND Lyrics | Listen
12. ALL I SEE Lyrics | Listen
13. ALONE AGAIN Lyrics | Listen
14. REACHING OUT (v.1) Lyrics | Listen
'Subsist in Ebony' was thSWEENs debut album in 2003 but did not receive much of a response, mainly due to the lack in sound quality. Those were early days and as time went on the production came on leaps and bounds.

Side Project Megaspank
'Megaspank' is a side project brought by artists from Dmusic.
Bill Rhynes - Rhythm Guitar and drums
Victors Skull - Lead Guitar
Ime Mine - Bass Guitar
The Sween - Vocals

If you like heavy/thrash metal with a melodious anger, you'll love Megaspank! Check it out, just click on the link to the left.
Side Project FistFull
'FistFull' is a side project brought by The Sween and Phillips.
Phillips - Rhythm Guitar, Lead guitar and Bass.
The Sween - Vocals and computer wizardary

If you like heavy/thrash metal with a melodious anger, you'll love FistFull!
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